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Business Report Central

BRC is a powerful reporting module we have engineered into our application framework and is the conduit of information that bridges application data to the business. It allows stakeholders to stay well informed by generating rich, interactive reports on-demand and with no cost overhead by leveraging Google API. It is highly compatible with existing systems through direct integration with APIs.

Software Building Blocks

Our team has engineered a strong portfolio of reusable software modules which extend and enhance client applications, providing streamlined and dependable solutions to critical business needs. These robust software modules have demonstrated their reliability under rigorous testing conditions while delivering strict business requirements. 

Automation and Regression Test Framework

AART is an automation system framework that performance tests applications to expose coding inefficiencies and enhancement opportunities early. It reduces testing overhead, mitigates project risk by uncovering programming imperfections and manages software risk by quickly verifying that changes to the applications do not introduce new bugs or deficiencies in functionality.

Enterprise Software Development

Agile Methodology

Our Agile Methodology has empowered us to go from business requirements to a functional system in short release cycles. Agile project management ensured our software platform grew moderately, thereby reinforcing confidence and delivering tangible value to our clients in each sprint.

Peace of Mind with Quality systems

Total Quality Management

We have adopted the Total Quality Management (TQM) model in continually enhancing our application platform to accommodate our Client’s changing business requirements in the dynamic landscape of the information technology. As part of implementing TQM, we have established an internal Centre of Excellence by integrating our team with Application testers and Business Analysts.

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Our New Framework for Driving innovations

At Bevolve, we take the initiative in championing a culture of innovation. Innovation is our tool to envision and create products and services that break the boundaries of traditional thinking and It allows us to leverage emerging technologies to deliver targeted solutions for niche problems. For our clients, this translates into more productivity and reinforcement in delivering a highly available service.

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